Thursday, 19 April 2018

Bitcoin - Envisaging it as innovation rather than a taboo

Just read the news that most US states have spent time understanding the cryptocurrency wave and have a stance; one way or the other.
My point here is not to discuss what stance but a sense of relaxed resignation that there is at least a stance and clarity.
Bitcoin came as a serious challenge to world economic order. It made people think differently on their earning habits and it made Governments to think what now? The magic word "decentralised" an offshoot of Blockchain send ripples (No, not the currency) across the stilly waters of economic detente.
There were and are multiple questions. We are at a crossroads where pros and cons that are being discussed can both claim victory or at least a headway. Meanwhile, the satoshi train chugs along. Ether zooms along and all rest follow.
So is it good or bad?
In my honest and humble opinion, NEITHER.
Currency needs to be regulated is the bottomline by which this entire revolution has been argued. Should it be considered as a currency?
Should it be considered a security?
Should we ban it?
Should we have a framework?
The fact of the matter is that it hit where it hurts bad. The mere thought of alternate economy can be devastating let alone the currency that can challenge several economies in unison.
But let us see - This blog is not to take sides but to know what do you all think?
Decentralised power of currency or abiding tax paying citizen? Opt for now as in future, I don't think there will be much choice.

Friday, 31 March 2017


It is a Weekend. Some are working today, some are not. Some just wake up and say - Is the bank open today? Some will search Google for what is "open" today so that it can be "finished"? The culture has moved from enjoying what we do to "finishing what we need to do".
Monday to Friday grind is slowly coming to a halt. But people feel more tense as what they could not do during Monday to Friday, this is the day to do it. So, family chores, personal chores, shopping, haircut etc. etc. etc.
Travesty, Yes! Absolutely!!
Our break neck speed of development, has slowed down our social development. Our Emotions have become digital. Governments pushes for digital payments. Are our hearts programed to accept digital emotions? How we feel is an Emoji and took the world by storm. I lose it when emotions are expressed as emojis.
Let us be ourselves again this weekend. Let us communicate on how we were supposed to communicate. Sit with family on a dining table, munching whatever is palatable, talk to people, play with kids. Let us live again this WEEKEND, because, IT IS A WEEKEND and we are suppose to enjoy it.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017


Hundreds and Thousands of articles appear everyday on Power of Positive thinking. 
Everyone gains from it. The idea of thinking positively nurtures our subconscious to think positively. Much has been written on power of subconscious mind to adapt to the thinking of our physical mind.  
Erasing negative thoughts has never been easy. As a first step, we can start "feeling lucky". Discussion is not about whether there is something called "LUCK". The solution is to resolutely think that there is LUCK and I AM LUCKY.  
Human traits are all well defined. Some are hidden and some are forthcoming. But one of the traits that everyone acknowledges but can hardly practice is thinking autonomously, shutting down all noise and thinking against our surroundings and circumstances.  
So, to start with - FEEL LUCKY, BELIEVE LUCKY, THINK LUCKY.  Say this 21 times every morning after you wake up and every night before you sleep - I AM THE LUCKIEST.